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Friday, September 09, 2011


There is widespread belief in a warm and comforting story which states the horse is a gentle herbivore. What if a Rosetta Stone had been found to unlock the dark secrets of the horse’s past?

An international multi-million dollar industry serviced by horse whisperers, glossy magazines and popular culture preaches that horses are meek prey animals who fear predators. What if evidence demonstrated horses have slain lions, tigers, pumas, wolves, hyenas and humans?

Read on...

EDITOR's NOTE: I have never heard of 'CuChullaine' as a given name before...

(Warning boys and girls, those of a sensitive disposition should ignore the lyrics)

1 comment:

Retrieverman said...

Now this looks fascinating!

Horses are very interesting animals.
They are among the best guard animals you can have around. The ones we had in our rented pasture kept all the coyotes and bobcats-- and probably the bears-- out. These horses hated anything that looked like a Carnivoran, so we had to introduce them to the dog very carefully. And once they realized she was no threat, they let her pass with impunity. If another dog or a coyote showed up, it was shown the door.

But the deer seemed to know that the horses were good at keeping predators away, so they would graze very near the horses. If nothing spooked the horses, they didn't run. A human normally won't spook a horse, so when the horses were in the pasture, you can get quite close.