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Sunday, July 31, 2011

NICK REDFERN: What happens if we find Bigfoot?

Just a few days ago I was lecturing in San Antonio, Texas, on the subject of my most recent book, The Real Men in Black. Although the lecture was primarily UFO-based, after it was over one of the attendees came up to me and asked: “What will happen if we find Bigfoot?”

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Dale Drinnon said...

The article overlooks several very real pieces of bone and teeth that are purported to be the actual remains of "Bigfoot." Some of thes remains are more apelike and some are more humanlike; many have provisional suggested species names but outstandingly, the students of Grover Krantz identify some West-Coast remains as Possible Gigantopithecus while a whole series of "Eastern Bigfoot" remains are provisionally Homo sapiens, including the Gardar remains from Greenland.

So basically you have different pieces of evidence which cannot be construed as belonging to the same species, or even very closely related species. But going on the evidence so far, The only really good solid pieces of evidence for "Bigfoot" on the Eastern parts of North America are generally called Homo sapiens by the experts and hence that common type of "Bigfoot" is already identified as belonging to our species.

Hence the "Shooting Bigfoot is murder" scenario is a good deal more likely than one might suspect. A good lawyer might even make the charge stick.

Here is the situation for those readers that came in late. Mark A. Hall identifies the Gardar remains found in Greenland (found in the 1920s) to be the type specimen of the creature that is supposed to be behind the reports of the Eastern Bigfoot. Loren Coleman calls this type the Marked Hominid. The description of the type is in Coleman and Huyghe's Field Guide to Bigfoot [etc], pages 20-23 with the "Homo gardarensis" mentioned on 22-23. The general classification of the Gardar remains are as an unusual type of Homo sapiens, therefore, there is a logical reason to call Eastern Bigfoot Homo sapiens, of an unusual kind. I also know of other suggested teeth and bones that could belong to this Eastern Bigfoot type but they do not modify the conclusions in any way. Furthermore a common classification of fossil human remains that Heidelburg man, Neanderthal man and probably also Solo man are all just types of Homo sapiens also (generally, "Archaic Homo sapiens")

Which once again brings you to the same conclusion, that type of "Bigfoot" is only a type of peculiar Homo sapiens.

And it is already on the books that way, if you want to make any kind of an argument about it. And it makes no matter if there are scientists that disagree with that assessment or that classification. The fact that this established classification even exists makes the discussion entirely academic beyond that point, it cannot possibly be altered by any more input of nonprofessionals. Nor can the matter be simply gainsaid by any individuals that do not know of this particular theory The thing is that in this case we are not dealing with an unknown animal and we are not dealling with an unknown species

In which case, this kind of "Bigfoot" is already "proven" and pushing the matter on any further than that is only going to make trouble for Bigfooters, not money.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

Syd said...

One of two things will probably happen.
The first being that it will be SHOT by some trigger happy YANK.
Or the other probability is that it will be imprisoned for life, without trial, in some rat hole of a zoo.