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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Dear Supporter,

A new UK Government review called the 'Red Tape Challenge' is threatening all environmental legislation with the axe. We cannot let this go unchallenged.

We all value the natural world. We all appreciate how fragile it can be. And we all know how vulnerable nature and special places for wildlife are to the ravages of unrestrained human activity.

We also all appreciate that to safeguard our precious wildlife and environment we need to give them legal protection. Wild birds and their nests need to be protected from damage and disturbance. Special places need to be protected from development and preserved for future generations. The Wildlife and Countryside Act does both of these things.

There are 277 other pieces of environmental legislation and regulation in the UK covering everything from National Parks and marine protected areas to greenhouse gas emissions and clean air.

All of our vital environmental safeguards are now under threat. The UK Coalition Government's Red Tape Challenge is aiming to scrap as much regulation as it can. It has put all legal protection for the environment up for grabs. Protection which is a measure of a civilised society, and is the result of reforms won since our charity was created in the nineteenth century.

The RSPB has played a leading role in securing much of this legislation and we will not stand by and allow it to be put at risk.

Please step up for nature and support our campaign to secure the future of this essential legislation.

We have prepared a template e-mail for you to send to the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, who launched the Red Tape Challenge - copies of which will be sent to the Cabinet Office and the Treasury.

Email the Government

Yours sincerely

Mike Clarke
Chief Executive

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Dale Drinnon said...

When governments cut back spending to Environmental programs in favor of business as usual, they have their priorities backwards.

There is no such thing as "business as usual" when the environment is all shot to hell. At thae point when you cannot "Afford" to protect the environment, you might as well ass commit mass suicide, Believe me, it shall be much kinder than the slow and lingering death the governments have consigned us all to following such an incredibly idiotic move.

We cannot afford to scrap the environment. We CAN afford to scrap Civilization as We Know It in order to SAVE the environment. I have been saying that for years. Cutting back will not only mean losing some jobs: no, we need to end Capitolism immediately. We need to end Social Elitism and Classist Societies, and we need to end them pronto. Elimination of privately-owned automobiles must follow.

And I am absolutely not kidding you about any of that. Western Civilization has been abusing the world long enough, and it's got to stop. ASAP.

Let's work as hard as we can to get the bees back. Let's get the fishes back in the ocean and worry about saving the whales when we can afford to-we need to save the PLANKTON first.

I hope everyone that reads this realises the absolute gravity of the situation. Spending is not the answer because whenever you have Capitolism, inevitably you will get to the point where you RUN OUT OF MONEY. We are there already, thanks in large part to the actions of the current US President and his immediate predecessor. Not only has this action erased any hope of a future for succeeding generations, it becomes problematical for the survival of many of us that are alive right now.

And I'm not joking about that, either. We don't have so much as a few decade's worth of slack if we don't take action immediaely. We have only a few years if the Environmental concerns do NOT become TOP priority IMMEDIATely.

We are already at the point that there are probably more fragments of plastic waste floating around in the ocean than there are game fishes left. I happened to have been witness to the first Earth Day and at the time, all the schoolchildren went out and picked up litter as a gesture. We need to have Earth Day Every Day.

And Screw The Rest. I am not joking about that, either.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that you are aware of what the RSPB are not saying with their press release. Under the previous government, it was accidentally discovered that the general public mostly thinks of charities as independent bodies whose opinions are not tainted by Government opinion. This government then proceeded to use a whole slew of "charities" as a means to creating legislation.

A good example is the draconian anti-smoking laws. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is an anti-smoking charity which purports to be an independent authority on health risks from tobacco; this organisation lobbied strongly for the ban. What most people don't know is that over 90% of ASH's income is from the government; as he who pays the piper calls the tune, the government was basically paying ASH to lobby them as an "independent" group for a smoking ban. Clever, and deceitfully corrupt.

The RSPB did not get anywhere near as much money from government, but must still be considered a vassal of government. I think that with the current spending cuts, the RSPB's previous state bribes will have been cut, leaving them with a spending shortfall. So, time to find an impending disaster to lobby for money to solve?