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Monday, April 18, 2011


In Forean Fives the great and the good of Forteana pick out Five interesting events from the history of Forteana. If you want to submit your own Fortean Five email it to Oll Lewis at fortean5s@gmail.com . Today’s Fortean Five was compiled by Hunt Emerson. Hunt is the Fortean Times cartoonist and amongst other things, works for the Beano. Take it away, Hunt:

1. My very own UFO sighting sometime in the late 90s: I saw an unmarked wedge-shaped craft flying quite low over Handsworth, Birmingham, travelling south. Several years later I had confirmation of this from someone who wrote to FT reporting the same craft further south in England, at a time later that would account for its direction and speed of travel. I believe it was a stealth bomber, which in those days was a rare thing. Although explained, it was at the time a UFO and has entered "the literature" as such. I'm afraid I can't give a date for this.

2. I've always liked the story of the Voyage of Saint Brendan, across the North Atlantic in a leather boat with 8 monks, during which they encountered all manner of strange and interesting creatures.

3. I love the tale of the image of Christ that appeared as vague marks on a white painted wall in Mexico (?) and attracted crowds of supplicants and the prayerful, before being recognized as a Willie Nelson Concert poster that had been whitewashed over and then partially showed itself through the paint.

4. Similar story of the face of Christ (or possibly image of the BVM) that appeared on the door of a large refrigerator standing on a porch somewhere in the southern states of the USA, in the reflections of a porch light that was turned on in the evening. Again, it attracted crowds of worshippers, to the annoyance of the householder, who finally dealt with the phenomenon by moving the fridge.

5. Everybody's going to groan when I say this, but my fifth choice is Uri Geller. I stood two feet behind his left shoulder and watched him bend someone's door key. Now, I've no doubt that there's some accepted explanation for this trick, but I don't know what it is, and I saw it happen. With my own eyes. (Not that that's anything to go by....)

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