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Friday, November 26, 2010


Dear Jon,

Why not write a book about that strangest of creatures... The Green-Eyed Monster? He does not need a full moon to transform him into a beast; just a simple glance at someone else's achievements is enough to send it into a foaming at the mouth rage.

I speak, of course, of Richard's detractors. The poor bloke cannot do right for doing wrong! His reputation is hauled over the coals for simply presenting the evidence he has gathered. Yet if they doubt what he says then the answer is simple....GET OFF YOUR LAZY ARSES AND DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELVES! But of course they won't, as there is too much pizza to consume and 'I'm a celebrity, increase my bank balance' on the TV to watch.

It seems some people are capable of being able to cause an argument in an empty house!


Davey C

CFZ forever!


Dale Drinnon said...

I do hope you are not counting me among Richard's detractors when really all I have been doing is going along with the official assessment and offering an insight which Richard has consistently avoided from the start-that the term "Orang Pendek is not now and never has been a SPECIFIC term. It can mean just a short, fat regular guy or indeed one of the tribesmen (in specific) that Richard went to for information: outsiders call them by that same exact term.

I have never been saying that to run Richard down, but it always seemed peculiar to me that he had that blind spot.

Geordie-dave said...

1. Do you eat too much Pizza?
2. Do you watch too much crap on T.V?
3. Do you refuse to get off your bum and go and find the answers for yourself?

If the answers to the above questions is no then....no I am not referring to you.:-)