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Thursday, September 02, 2010


As September begins so does the Japanese plot to murder and enslave dolphins. The Ito Fishing Cooperative in Futo has announced it will resume a drive hunt of dolphins this season for the first time since 2005. They plan to take 419 animals, including 59 bottlenose dolphins, for sale to aquariums, for “scientific research,” and for human consumption. In an unbelievable statement they have also said they believe it “important to teach the skills of the drive hunt to the next generation”. This barbarism should be consigned to the history books, not fostered to a new generation.

Using motorised vessels to locate a dolphin pod, the fishermen herd the animals toward shore, trapping them in a large net or shallow bay. Here a number are captured to be sold to aquariums and dolphinariums. The rest are butchered with lances and knifes in a manner akin to the perverse atrocities carried out in the seas around the Faeroe Isles. The meat is sold for human consumption regardless of the fact it is full of PCBs, heavy metals, and other toxins thanks to pollution.

The recent shocking documentary film The Cove and the new Animal Planet series Blood Dolphins has brought this sick behaviour to the public eye despite Japan’s best efforts to hide it from the international community.

In June 2010 a new Prime Minister was elected in Japan. Naoto Kan began his political career as an environmental campaigner and has a background in activism. With all of the negative publicity surrounding the drive fisheries, perhaps he will use his new position to instigate positive change that reflects the views of the majority of the Japanese people, and the world. Brutal and inhumane activities like dolphin drives clearly have no place in modern society.

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Dale Drinnon said...

This is indeed distressing and it comes at the worst possible time, ecologically speaking.

Unfortunately it is what the Japanese people actually want. That is the basic problem in all such cases in the free world. And it is going to be getting worse with food shortages on the increase and worldwide failing economies. I have said this before and I hate to say it again, but putting an end to the problem might well entail putting an end to democracy, putting it on a totalitarian level and FORCING people to behave responsibly.

Because otherwise, humanity is going to eat up every piece of organic matter on the planet and then start in on each other. Within DECADES. This is SERIOUS.

Richard Freeman said...

I have to agree with you there Dale. You are 100%. If left to their own devices, people are so selfish and lazy the world will go to wrack and ruin. The public allways sink to the lowest common denominator.