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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi there,

At 11.30am this morning, a team of Greenpeace activists started taking action against a massive oil drilling ship, stopping it from drilling a deep water well off the Shetland Islands. Using speedboats to reach the huge 228m long drill ship, they climbed up the giant rungs of the anchor chain, and are now preventing the ship from moving to its drill site.

Get the latest updates and find out how you can tackle the money financing Chevron and other oil companies on our website.

The ship is operated by oil giant Chevron, and was due to sail for a site 200km north of the Shetland Islands and drill a well in deep water, 500m down. More than 10,000 of us have sent an email to energy secretary Chris Huhne calling for a moratorium on deepwater drilling in UK waters. On top of that, last month we sent a letter to the government threatening legal action in an effort to stop new permits being granted for deep water drilling.
We also need to challenge the money that's behind the big oil companies like Chevron and BP. Our pension funds are often invested in these companies, which means you can use your power as a pension holder to make them go beyond oil.

Find out if your pension is invested in dirty oil, and tell your provider to push for a move towards cleaner energy sources..

If you don't have a pension, please write to Legal & General, one of the largest pension providers in the UK.

Thanks again for your support,
James Sadri, on board the Esperanza 21 September 2010


Dale Drinnon said...

There IS only one solution, and it shall be a brutal one: Western civilzation is going to have to give up its love affair with the internal-combustion engine. That part is inevitable anyway.

That change will be neither easy nor will it be popular. Screw all that-it is simply something that's GOT to be that way. Ignoring that fact has only gotten us buried deeper into the problem year by year.

spiraldance said...

When I worked for Greenpeace I was supposed to be trained in zodiac maneuvers on Lake Michigan in Chicago. Instead I joined up with the anarchists protesting the corporate-state democrat national convention. That was in the mid-90s but the same cops said they'd smash our skulls like they did in the 60s.

Anyway the empire will implode -- Mother Nature rules -- even if the oceans are dead, the algae will still thrive, and the oil will form again.