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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Once again our friendly Scottish pussycat gets it completely right. Describing CFZ Press he writes: 'Most of the titles if not all, are written by CFZ members, the only difference is that Jon doesn't take any money up front. The end result though is the same thing. A book that would not be published by any regular publisher, that will sell in the low hundreds at best, and most of the sales would be to other members of the CFZ family.'

Well, apart from the last point (I don't know whether most of the sales are to the CFZ Family or not) he has hit the nail right on the head. We are a non-commercial publishing house, which was never intended to make a profit, and we publish books that we feel should be published whether or not they have any sales potential.

I fail to see anything wrong with that!


Ego Ronanus said...

Who is this Highland Tiger who does not speak his name? I think he has sheltered too long behind this nom-de-guerre. Speak out, thou caitiff, lest all despise thee. I cannot end this message, because I cannot spell the sound you make when you blow a raspberry.

Tabitca said...

Tis not a highland tiger but a wee timerous mousie who does not give his real name,unless of course it's the cowardly lion?

CFZ Australia said...

The CFZ Press is FANTASTIC, and you only have to look at some of the people it has published to know that statement doesn't ring true. I have just finished reading Nick Redfern's Man Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot (very enjoyable). And I have Andy Roberts' The Berwyn Mountain UFO Crash yet to read, plus Karl Shuker's Extraordinary Animals Revisited and Dr Shuker's Casebook. What do these three authors have in common? They're all established 'names' that have had work printed elsewhere. The CFZ Press has established itself as a high quality niche publisher. Having dipped my toe in the water in that regard, I know it's damn hard work - so hats off to Jon and Co. for the hard yakka. It really was a thrill to see a table full of CFZ books at the Weird Weekend :-)

C-E C said...

Another point worthy of note is that the 'CFZ family' is growing all the time and is an international phenomenon, so even if CFZ Press really does only sell to its own, so to speak, that's still rather a big audience. An easy way of proving the point would be to list all the new 'guest bloggers' Still on the Track has gained in the year and a half-ish since it became open to other writers and not just Jon's own personal blog.

Neil A said...

I thought Karl Shuker, Nick Redfern, Jon Downes, Andy Roberts, and myself, have had books published outside of the CFZ! Another inaccurate comment, oh dear.

It's getting laughable now, the playground antics. In fact I could've sworn that the CFZ published the BCIB yearbooks.

Jon Downes said...

as have Michael Newton, Michael Woodley, Darren Naish (book out next week), Nick Molloy, Mike Hallowell, Mark North, Ronan Coghlan, Robert Newland and my late father.

Practically every CFZ author has been published elsewhere!

Geordie-dave said...

Dear oh dear Highland Tiger if this is your best shot you need to shut up! The model Jordan has had work published but do you really think that it has reached the bookshelves of the high street because of her literary Brilliance? Of course not! Cheap scandal rags sell by the skip load but it does not mean they are worth the paper they are printed on. Long live the CFZ press and a second raspberry to the highland sour puss.

Tania Poole said...

I'm really proud of what the CFZ Press has achieved. I like their books and know they have been working very hard to get where they are now. Owlman is very good, Jon. Its well researched.
Well done CFZ! Your work has not gone unnoticed.