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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I know that this is pretty well off-topic, but I have just been approached by a TV researcher I know in America who has asked me for some comments. I am flummoxed. Over to you guys...


Michael Malone said...

I think I've seen this video before. I'd like to see the actual video instead of video of the video. I'll see what I can remember/find.

stormwalkernz said...

I too have seen this a while back, Ive catagoriesed it as an unknown as the first being seems to slide through the narrow bars of the fence.
Somwhere there is an enhanced closeup of the being and it definately looks humanoid.
There are stranger things in heaven and the earth and i believe this is one of them.
Its actually intersting how technology has helped so much now in theis field as if it wasnt for the security cameras we would just have ignored dogs or a scetchy eyewitness account.

dinosaurman said...

This might well be some weird creature from who knows where, but it might also be a piece of cloth, hung from a wire in front of the camera. Has anyone noticed that the shadow on the ground does not meet the object's 'feet', meaning that what ever it is, is apparently 'floating'.

Gilbert J. Avila said...

A walking baseball bat and Gumby.

John said...

I'm in agreement. I just can't tell from the video of the video what I'm supposed to be looking at. We should see if we can find the original video in it's fullest resolution. I have a security system and it records everything as MPEG video.

If we had the original MPEG video, and could do some processing on it, we might have something.

If it's a not an outright hoax, it could be quite fascinating.