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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I'm sure it tore you up to publish that 'science via Glenn Beck' post on global warming. Fox News has a lot of people fooled.

My dad was listening to that bloated gasbag Rush Limbaugh the other day. He was doing an analysis on global warming, which was even more crude than that one. He said that global warming was a myth because the bible says that it will reward men for being industrious. Thus, if we make our economy grow and grow and grow, God won't destroy us.

I'm going to not say anything in terms of comments, because I respect you too much.

However, I'm sure that you're going to get loads of comments on it.

I live in one of the main coal mining states in the United States. All of the electricity for my state is generated from coal-burning power plants.

And the coal itself is mined by tearing off the mountain top and putting it in the valley, leaving a lunar landscape though much of the southern part of West Virginia.

The people are poor because there are no opportunities. The coal severance taxes are very low, so they cannot use that wealth to fund good schools, built good transportation infrastructure, or develop a good tourism industry. While the people are poor, the coal company executives live like kings. They buy politicians and judges so they can continue doing awful things to people and the environment. West Virginia has almost no campaign finance laws in its state elections. As a result, a few wealthy individuals control virtually everything.

After the Civil War, West Virginia was a fully-fledged state, which opened itself up to coal, timber, and oil and natural gas speculators, who approached poor farmers who had lost nearly everything in the war. They offered them some crumbs for the rights to the timber and the royalties to the gas, oil, and coal. Poor people on the very edge of existence will take what they can get, so they took it, not fully understanding what the full worth of their natural resources were.

And the rest has been history.

We've been told our whole lives that unless the coal companies do well, West Virginia will starve. And so the people would rather be hewers of wood and drawers of water for these parasitic corporations. Climate change denial is now the state religion here.

I'm very sorry that people don't accept the reality of climate change. I can tell you that the winters here are much milder than when I was a boy, and my grandparents once knew of winters in which the snow fell in November and didn't melt until the end of March. Now, you have to go to Northern New England to find winters like this.

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Richie said...


Jon didn't HAVE to post my article. Jon is always up for debate and more importantly, the truth. He at least listens to other points of view and is open to change if data shows differently. I don't know if he agrees with what I posted, but he listens.

Glenn Beck science? LOL….Perhaps you should read this article about 31,000 scientists (9,000 of which are PHDs) that do not agree with man-made global warming. The point is that man-made global warming is not as well-accepted as the press or the UN want you to think. In fact, advocates of man-made global warming have lied. I think you should ask yourself why scientists find it necessary to lie to the public. What is the motivation here? It certainly isn’t the truth….follow the money.

jhubb said...

you can't seriously be posting a link to a WorldNetDaily article, c'mon now...

Richie said...


Your questioning of my source epitomizes the very problem that we are experiencing with scientists that cook their data. Dissention is delegitimzed using guilt by association. The heavy use of marginalization is what got us into this mess.

It is good to question sources, but isn't that what this debate is all about? Sufficient numbers of dissenting scientists and apparent scientific deceit have caused the world to relook man-made global warming and the industry and government that supports it. Scientists are leaving the man-made global warming community in droves perhaps not as frightened now about losing grants and funding because of their dissent.