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Thursday, November 05, 2009


Hello folks,

I was browsing along my bookshelves yesterday looking for something to talk about today when I came across a paperback: The Hell Hound and Other True Mysteries by Peter Haining. In it was a story that caught my eye: 'The Girl Who Fought An Abominable Snowman.' So today I am going to summarise this case. I have not had a thorough look through the rest of my crypto books so my apologies if this is well known. Even if it is there may be some of you out there who are unfamiliar with it. Nor am I aware of any other reports of mystery hominids attacking humans. Richard F – do you know any accounts from amongst the almas and orang pendek?

'This is the story of Lakpa Sherpani, 19. She lived in the Khonar district in Nepal as a yak herder in the shadow of Mount Everest and had done this sort of work since a child. But in 1974 life was for a brief moment to become anything but ordinary for Lakpa. Indeed it was to become so extraordinary that she made headlines around the world and added a new chapter in the story of one of our great mysteries.' (1)

The author (Peter Haining) then goes on to describe her interest in Nepali folklore:

'Indeed it was her knowledge of folklore that was to help her to be so precise about what happened to her on that bright summer morning in 1974. On this particular day, Lakpa was watching over the herd as they rested half a mile or so from one of the dense forests which are found throughout the Himalayan region. These forests are not spots to go for grazing for they are invariably dense with vegetation ,mostly fog-enshrouded and always inhospitable. Many a local legend surrounded them, and only a fooloish or woman would enter one….'(2).

The author then describes, in a possible embellishment of the drama, how the young woman felt movement near her and the presence of a bulky body:

'Next, a hand grabbed at her hair and forced her head back. She felt a body straddle her own, and was suddenly conscious of the most overpowering stench. [ I think I`m right in saying that this is a feature of some mystery hominid reports - R.M.] When she opened her eyes she found herself looking at a face that was hardly human – or animal. Tiny yellow eyes glared at her from a face covered with hair. Prominent teeth protruded from a huge, slack jaw and the whole face was surrounded by long brownish hair. Lakpa screamed. Another hand, which she could also feel was covered with hair, struck her across the face as if in response, and she suddenly tasted her own blood on her lips. …Her senses had already told her this was no human being.It was not much bigger than a child - perhaps four feet tall - but with many times the strength of an infant. Through her agony she also saw that the creature was naked except for a complete covering of hair, brownish in colour to the waist and black and thick on the lower stomach and legs.'(3)

The author then describes how the creature knocked her unconscious with a blow to her head and then an attack on her yaks.

'The young girl licked the blood from her lips and watched what the creature was doing. It was running amongst the yaks, seizing hold of some of them and twisting their horns until they fell to the ground. Already a couple were down and showed no signs of movement, and it was evident the creature had enormous strength.' (4)

The story then goes on to describe how Sherpani has heard about attacks by yetis on yaks. And: 'One of the reasons for such universal interest in Lakpa`s story, was that a group of three British zoologists had just published a report of a study they had made in the Himalayas on the likelihood of there being any such creature as The Abominable Snowman. The men, Mr J. A. McNeely, Mr A.W. Cronin and Mr H. B. Emery, three experienced and highly qualified observers, had not only confirmed the possibility, but stated that during their stay in the area, one of the creatures had actually visited their tents and “left tracks that are not referable to any known animal”'(5)

It would be interesting to track down this study. These zoologists apparently thought that the yeti is gigantopithecus. BBC Online`s website also carried a very brief report about Lakpa`s encounter on its So Weird, Lionel`s Guide The Ape Type site.

Tomorrow – a report on Fawke`s pet winged cat, Fluffy, the real ring leader behind the gunpowder plot. Er, some mistake there! Would have made a great blog if it were true, though!

1. P. Haining The Hell Hound and Other True Mysteries. (1984) p.81
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When I looked out the window
On the hardship that had struck I saw the seven phials open
The plague claimed man and son

Four men at a grave in silence with hats bowed down in grace
A simple wooden cross,
It had no epitaph engraved..
It had no epitaph engraved

Come on down and meet your Maker
Come on down and make the stand
Come on down,come on down
Come on and make the stand. (The Alarm The Stand)


Dave said...

McNeely, J.A., Cronin, E.W. & Emery, E.B. 1973. 'The Yeti - not a snowman', Oryx - Journal of the Fauna Preservation Society , Vol XII no.1, May 1973, pp.65-73

Dave said...

McNeely, J.A., Cronin, E.W. & Emery, E.B. 1973. 'The Yeti - not a snowman', Oryx - Journal of the Fauna Preservation Society , Vol XII no.1, May 1973, pp.65-73