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Friday, July 31, 2009


As - amongst other things - this blog is a daily snapshot of life here at the CFZ, we post this email exactly as we received it:

"What you refer to as zooform phenomena are nothing but demons(spirit beings).Demons are shapeshifters and there is no limit to the different things they can manifest themselves as.The Jersey devil,bigfoot,mothman,chupacabra,and phantom kangaroos are all demonic manifestations.What people aren't aware of is that the demons are behind various paranormal phenomena.This includes crop circles,alien/ufos,cattle mutilation,and ghosts.For people that don't believe in the supernatural,these phenomena are proof that demons do exist.Also,this is why these things are sometimes seen together,because the same thing is behind all of them.Too,I wanted to mention that Jonathan Downes said that the chupacabra is the most frightnening cryptid there is.Well,he must have never heard of the pobobawa and the pope lick monster".

Goodness me.


Dr Dan Holdsworth said...

Well, this email clears up a few questions but does leave a few unanswered. Most pertinently, if crop circles are created by demons, do all demons have Tim Matthews' taste in floral shirts?

I really think you ought to ask him, Jon.

Bigfoot73 said...

This guy must have got an 'A' in that Christian fundamentalist A level.

Neil A said...

Calm down Mr Ivy! Zooform Phenomena is a contentious category which required construction to bracket various 'monsters' around the world which do not fit into the supernatural or cryptozoology. This means of course that creatures such as the Jersey Devil are also contentious, despite strong legend, this form has many origins, from freakish off spring of Satan himself, to a dragon, Bigfoot or large cat. The Popabawa appears to be more of a night terror, a variation of the 'old hag', whilst the Pope Lick 'monster', also known as the Louisville Goatman, is very contentious, so hardly a demon because like so many of these 'vampires', 'goatmen', 'bunnymen' blah blah, they have no real meaning as such or purpose, except of course to fuel the fire's stoked by young campers eager to construct spook stories.

Zooforms have often been connected to political upheaval, Satanic activity, demonology, menstruation, and have also been the produce of hoax, hysteria and other phenomena such as UFOs. Of course, they'll never show us their true face, because they don't have one, so to class them all as demons is a tad hasty, so i suggest you grab yourself a cup of Cocoa, a copy of my MONSTER! THE A-Z OF ZOOFORM PHENOMENA, and rid yourself of these demons.

Syd said...

Over the many years of my life, I have encountered various nuts, Almond, Pecan, Brazil's, peanuts, etc., but never before have I come across IVY NUTS.

Syd said...

Over the many years of my life, I have encountered various nuts, Almond, Pecan, Brazil's, peanuts, etc., but never before have I come across IVY NUTS.