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Thursday, June 25, 2009

FRISWELL'S FREAKY FEATURES: When wildlife fights back

The other day Alan Friswell, the bloke who made the CFZ Feegee Mermaid and also the guy responsible for some of the most elegantly macabre bloggo postings, wrote me an email.

He had an idea for a new series for the bloggo. Quite simply he has an enormous collection of macabre, fortean, odd and disturbing magazine and newspaper articles, and he proposed to post them up on the bloggo.

Alan Writes: "Yes! Welcome to Friswell's Freaky Features, an ongoing spot on the CFZ blog page where you will encounter the fun, the freaky, the frightening and on occasion, the downright horrifying. Many of these items are from almost forgotten archives and no doubt should, in many cases, have stayed forgotten. But no chance of that on this site! So be prepared to be amazed by the bizarre manifestations of nature, the abberations of the natural world and the complete (on occasion) mind-bending insanity of collective humanity. Read on...."

What a smashing idea, we thought, and so with a burst of alliteration that will - I hope - make Dr Shuker proud of me, here we go....

I'm not a vegetarian, so hunting animals for food is a pastime that I cannot be too critical of, for fear of being a hypocrite; but hunting animals purely for sport, and gloating over heads mounted on the walls of people who I always suspect of being wannabe serial killers who are too gutless for the real thing, doesn't sit well with me at all. So for the kindred spirits out there, this article from October 1951 should warm the cockles somewhat.....


Anonymous said...

Those remind me of an old shaggy dog story about a couple of country lads out ferreting one fine winter's day. The site of that day's operations was a huge rabbit warren that was built partly into the banking alongside a ditch, with many holes opening directly out onto the ditch side. The warren was apparently huge and the two hadn't enough nets to cover all the holes, only just about enough to do the well-used ones.

They were also rather concerned about the size of the warren; one ferret would do little more than worry the bunnies a little and wouldn't bolt any, whereas several would likely corner and kill bunnies, leading to lengthy excavations to get the ferrets and rabbit out. So, they compromised on a couple of ferrets and waited to see what happened.

What happened was nothing much, and to investigate further one of the men crawled out over the bank and partway down into the ditch to listen for any underground excitement. At this point a large buck rabbit decided that enough was enough and bolted, hitting the man full in the face and knocking him out cold.

That wasn't the worst of it for him, though; going round with a shiner of a black eye and being forced to admit that a fluffy little bunny-rabbit had caused it hurt far, far worse than the original injury ever did!

dinosaurman said...

Hi Dan.
Alan F here.
Yes sometimes, there is justice in the world....