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Thursday, April 09, 2009



It is true that many worthy researchers before me have tried to discover the connections between supposedly different types of paranormal phenomena. There is tantalizing glimpses of connections via such effects as EMF disturbance etc, but the many various types of paranormal events led most to conclude that we were dealing with many different forms of phenomena.

However, I for one never held this “many strands” viewpoint. For me the one main clue lay in the fact that different forms of paranormal event often occurred in a given area, at the same time. These phenomena of contained sightings led to the “windows” theory in ufology, that is to say, an area that is susceptible to multiple UFO sightings in any one period of time. Because of the separatist nature of the many disciplines involved in paranormal research, the investigators tended to concentrate, quite rightly, on their own subject matter, seldom did anyone try to see if any other form of paranormal event had taken place in that given area, at the same time as the UFO sightings. In our book “The Rising of the Moon” Jon Downes and I discovered that in our own “back yard” as it were, just such events did happen!

Not only did the area of East Devon suffer multiple UFO sightings at given times, but it also had cases of big cat sightings, ghosts, and disappearances, all occurring within the same time frame. These differing cases of paranormal and cyptozoologial events occurring at the same time and place MUST have a connection.

Not just East Devon suffer these “coincides” of multiple paranormal events. Let’s take a look at Cannock chase, in the Midlands. I first visited this area whilst I was part of a CFZ team, looking for weird crocodiles on the loose! When Jon said that he was going to visit the chase, I was delighted! Since this area is well know to most British ufologists as being of great interest. Upon first glance I recall saying to someone just how much the chase resembled Woodbury common, near my home in Exmouth, Devon. Woodbury common had been the location of many a UFO and big cat report. The geology of the two different places looked to me, as an untrained layperson, as being very similar. Both contained forests of pine trees, separated by gravely areas. At the time it did not immediately occur to me that the two might also have more than their geology in common. However, after returning home, and pondering over the sample EMF readings that Jon and our team had taken at sites at Cannock, these having shown “blips” of EMF activity at sites known to have suffered paranormal events, that I began to wonder if Woodbury and Cannock chase were related in some way?

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caledonia said...

hi nigel,

I abandoned the event window theory once I discovered that the greys/faeries[hag side] used shapeshifting holograms/beings and technologies and could create matter - images and the illusion of matter .. theres a guy filming will o the wisp type faeries/gresy who make 2 inch long sexually explicit demonological light sculptures 20 feet from his camera that then shapeshift into a model of the enterprise ... its the Greys