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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This morning I received the following email:

Re Magazien

we are currently busy finalzing details on opening our exotic pet shop on teh internetz i was wondering would you be able to send me a free copy of one of your magz even if its an old one for use to look at and see what you offer

Should I:

a. Reply by writing: "I would not touch your shop with the proverbial bargepole. Before you start looking after rare and exotic creatures, you should learn to use the Queen's English."

b. Send them a copy of The Amateur Naturalist and hope that we can lead by example, teaching people that it is only ethical to keep exotic animals in captivity if they do so as part of a regime of study and investigation, and that together we can bring back the golden heyday of natural history.

c. Put my head in my hands, sigh heavily, and do my best to ignore the whole thing.


d. Think. Sod it. There is a recession on, and their money is as good as anyone else's. If it pays the mortgage it has got to be OK.

Answers on a postcard please....


stormwalkernz said...

sorry Jon no postcard - do what feels right in your heart.
I wouldl ove a copy of your Natural history mag but the mony way that is gooing to happen is if by chance I win one somehow as we are financially broke but I would not have the cheek to ask for one.
This is your livelyhood and you have a family just as i have to think of.
Glad your money came through just wish mine would - from a well known magizine that wrote the story without the proper authorisations abd negitaitions for payment an now dont respond to emails so think that is a write off.
Do what you feel is right my friend and you cant go wrong.

EMMA said...

i think you should go for b

Greatbeast said...

(c) or (d). They are idiots, but their money is indeed as good as anyone else's. So maybe just send them a copy and then make some tea and forget the whole sorry thing.