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Monday, February 02, 2009


When I was a teenager and the charts still meant something, I and my friends would wait agog for the tuesday morning (I think it was) when Tony Blackburn on Radio One would read out the top 20. Oh how we thrilled to the news that T.Rex or David Bowie had another hit. Oh how we booed when someone like Perry Como struggled into the Hit Parade. What was an old git like him doing alongside our glitter cheeked idols?

Thirty five years on, and I have no ideas who is at number one, nor do I care. I am looking forward to hearing the new Morrissey album, but I have no idea what his chart placings are gonna be.. nor do I care.

However, CFZ Press now have enough titles in our roster to make a monthly sales chart viable. I would never have thought of compiling one if it hadn't been for requests by two of my authors, and a surprising number of punters. So, by popular request, here is the Top 10 for January...


1. Extraordinary Animals Revisited by Dr Karl Shuker
2. Island of Paradise by Jonathan Downes
3. In the wake of Bernard Heuvelmans by Michael Woodley
4. Big Bird by Ken Gerhard
5. Dr Shuker's Casebook by Dr Karl Shuker
6. Monster! by Neil Arnold
7. Dark Dorset by Mark North and Robert Newland
8. CFZ Expedition Report: Russia 2008
9. Dragons: More than a Myth? by Richard Freeman
10. The Owlman and Others by Jonathan Downes


1. CFZ Yearbook 2009
2. Dr Shuker's Casebook by Dr Karl Shuker
3. Extraordinary Animals Revisited by Dr Karl Shuker
4. Monster! by Neil Arnold
5. CFZ Expedition Report: Russia 2008
6. Man Monkey by Nick Redfern
7. Big Bird by Ken Gerhard
8. Dark Dorset by Mark North and Robert Newland
9. Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals on stamps by Dr Karl Shuker
10. The Owlman and Others by Jonathan Downes

I suppose then, to go back to my original analogy, with multiple entries in the charts someone has to be Bowie, and someone has to be Bowie. But who is the Perry Como? And who is the Chicory Tip? So just for fun, here is a competition. A free copy of your choice of a book from these charts to the most libellous (or appropriate) pop singers from the arly 1970s who's analogues can be found amongst the nine different authors that can be found in our CFZ best-deller list...


NZ Cryptozoologist said...

I would see Dr Karl Shuker as the ABBA of the charts, producing hit after hit that is always a good listen, I mean read that you could go back to 20 years later and its still a hit. Jon Downs would have to be the KISS of the group, great read, full of energy and hype right to the last as is generally most things Jon writes anyway.
Nick Redfern the Mungo Jerry a good read you can really get into and want to experience again and again.
Richard Freeman is definately and America something you want to come back to again and again and always leaves you feeling good afterward.

Jon Downes said...

KARL SHUKER WRITES: SOS! Me as Abba! Well, that's the name of the game, I suppose. And to think, I've only just put away my '70s flares and platform shoes! Mamma mia, I just hope that when it comes to buying my next book, you'll all take a chance on me, otherwise as an author I'll be out of money money money and meeting my Waterloo. After all, they do say that the winner takes it all. :-)

Jon Downes said...

Karl as Abba. Yes, I can see that. Redfern as Mungo Jerry??? In the summertime perhaps, but has he got enough hair I ask myself.

I had actually hoped to be the Joe Strummer or the fortean equivelant of my old boss Steve Harley. But Kiss?????

Bloody hell Mr Lucas.

stormwalkernz said...

Ahh Jon but imagine Redfern in a afro wig and there ya go.
Well actually I see you more as a Johnny Depp but he doesnt count see.
Kiss was one of my favorite groups during the 70's

stormwalkernz said...

Dr Shuker you are a real Super Trooper and Knowing me Knowing You i dont think there is much chance of it being Hasta Manana as your books are so well liked I know
I Do I Do I do I do I do.