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Monday, May 05, 2008

Guyana: The Savage Land

At last! The Guyana movie - our first feature-length documentary was finished a week ago, and it has taken this long for me to get it online. I am very proud of the results, and I hope that you enjoy it as well....


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Well done CFZ for doing this film. It'll take me while to get throgh the whole thing. Let me pull up a chair and a beer and sit down.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I’ve pulled up a chair and a beer (or two) and sat down. After watching it I really appreciate what a luxury that is! So now we know what Richard, Lisa and the others got up to when they were out of touch with “civilization”. All that time we were worrying about them, Lisa’s finger etc Bless Damon and Ernesto and the other locals for keeping Richard and the others safe! That scene with the anteater was wonderful; thank God she never dropped the baby. And bloody hell! All this time I thought camping out at Glastonbury was bad! It would be wonderful to join the CFZ on an adventure, but could I deal with the conditions? Being a Hospital Porter I’ve had this delusion that I can cope with anything a civilian can, but could I really? This film is humbling! My hat goes off to Richard, Lisa and all the others who went to Guyana. After reading Richard’s “Dragons” book I was keen to see if they discovered anything that supported some of the amazing claims of gigantic reptilians made within. I’m sorry they never got the waterfall where the giant anaconda is said to exist. I just hope it, like all Amazonian creatures and people, will be safe from the ever encroaching loggers and oil prospecters. The same goes for the Didi and red-faced creatures. I agree with Richard, the Didi sounds like some kind of hominid that evolved away from the stream that we did. I think that the thing to do now is make sure that whether or not it gets discovered in the future, that its habitat is preserved from the destructive forces, engineered by its own cousins, ourselves, currently at work in the South American jungles. Maybe then the Didi and red-faces can live through this terrible technological adolescence that’s its cousins, us, are going through, in blissful ignorance until more enlightened times. Who knows what could happen after that! We could meet them in perfect safety and exchange ideas! Just think what they could tell us! And we, them!

nigel the tall jew said...

Hi All!...

Ok!..so here is something that will, no doubt, have all the lads at the CFZ wetting themselfs with laughter!..

the sound on my computer is u/s at the mo, so I have just sat watching the entire film, trying desperatly trying to lipread the commentary!!! AGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

it veiws great Jon!, well done everyone at base,any chances of getting it on mainstream tv?...reguards to everyone there!