Tuesday, September 22, 2009



The BBC have just reported:

One of the most elusive of all wild cats has been photographed deep in the jungle of Uganda.

Three images of a wild African golden cat were taken by a digital infrared camera trap set up by biologist Dr Gary Aronsen of Yale University in the US.

To his knowledge, just one other image of a wild African golden cat has ever been published. Although taken in black and white, the new photos reveal this particular golden cat actually has a dark coat.

It is worth noting I think that Heuvelmans himself suggested that a new subspecies/colour variant of this species was responsible for the stories of the nunda or mngwa, a fearsome East African mystery cat.

I was just about to start writing up a description of this wonderfully obscure cryptid when I found out that dear Lindsay, already did it last week so I shall just rejoice in the fact that there has been another minor piece of cryptosynchronicity, and go and have my breakfast.

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