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Thursday, February 04, 2016


I believe that it is part of what the CFZ does to encourage new groups and organisations, so I have asked Keegan Reid to tell us about a new Facebook group he has started.

I have been at least partly interested in the Sasquatch people since I was a young boy. Around the age of 9 to 12 years old, my memory is vague on exactly the age, I was living in Southeast, Kansas and I was walking down a road at our local park that is generally designed to be a drive through to see wildlife in its more natural habitat that was right next to a river called the Verdigris river near my home town of Independence, Kansas. I was not very far into my walk along this beautiful road that I happened upon what looked like an enormous footprint in the mud just off of the road itself which was paved. I couldn't believe my eyes. The print was probably over 20 inches in length and it clearly had defined five toes. It didn't register as reality in my mind because I thought instantly that it was a hoax because surely there was no such thing as bigfoot and surely not in such a boring place as a small town in Southeast, Kansas. It was within city limits even! What would a Bigfoot want anything to do with this area if he was around? I just chalked it up as someone playing a silly joke because of the placement of the foot so close to the road and in addition I only saw one print but there was only enough mud in that area to support a single print as well but that didn't even count into the equation. So, that has stayed in the back of my mind for many years. A couple of years ago I watched a documentary. It was about two very down to earth fellows that were on a mission to find Bigfoot. I was completely entertained by the documentary and my wife and I ended up talking about it for months on end after we watched it. It was fun to watch and was much different than any other documentary I had seen before that touched on the subject of the “Sasquatch People”, as I like to call them most recently. This is not what I would call the most academic documentary on the topic but it was heartwarming and entertaining. It was called, “Not your typical BIGFOOT movie.”. Watching this movie I think watered the seed from when I was a kid and the thoughts of the Sasquatch People began to grow and resurface in my mind of that day that I saw the big print when I was a boy. Since then, I started poking around on Youtube and I ran across the videos posted by Mike Paterson and his experiences with Nefatia and my mind was absolutely blown. I have been in communication with Mike pretty often and he has helped to be somewhat of a guide for me and really has helped to encourage me and help me to understand the ups and downs into looking into these things. I have also got acquainted with Kewaunee Lapseritis and Thomas Hughes and have learned from them and have greatly appreciated communicating with them. I read both of Kewaunee’s books in a single weekend and I really loved reading them. I learned that not only are they out there and that they are real but in addition it is possible to open up different forms of simple communication with them with sticks and rocks and gift exchanges and things such as this. I was greatly inspired so I wanted to participate somehow on that level. I continued to research on Youtube and I came across a channel “Dr.Squatch” and between him and others I have learned about tree structures and indicators and markers that they use frequently in the woods. Mike told me if you find the tree structures, you will find the Sasquatch People or as I also like to call them now, the Ancient Ones. Low and behold, I live in Northwest Arkansas and as fate would have it and serendipity with the assistance of friends that have allowed me to explore this wonderful interest I have found an area that I can share food gifts with them and they are kind enough to play with the sticks and rocks with me.

I have not seen one of them yet, and I have not heard them vocalize outside of mimicking other animals. In other words they have not spoken the english language or made any chattering of any sort of typical howls or whoops that might be associated with them. Although, I have mostly been having my visits during the day time because I am just now beginning to warm up to the idea of the night visits. I am still taking it all in so to speak.

I have had fun with the knocks on days that they are in a mood to share them with me and I have exchanged rock knocks with them too, again when they are in the mood. It seems like mostly everything is on their terms which is fine with me. So let me explain a little bit about this group and why I made it. First, I wanted a place where good hearted people can have pleasant and open minded discussion about the fascinating Sasquatch People. I have noticed in other groups that if anything gets outside of some others paradigms and comfort levels of what they accept as reality that feathers can get ruffled and the ugly side of human nature can shift into gear. I don’t want to see that and I don’t want to participate in the negative aspects of this learning experience. Primarily, that is why this group was created.

I don’t have a big ego and I have nothing to prove outside of sharing the experience with others of like mind and of good cheer. I do plan on writing a book eventually after I hopefully have had enough experiences to give reason to document an entire book.

So it is with much joy that I am writing this now, this morning to share with Jonathan and with all of you. I hope the discussion here is always open minded and open hearted. Some aspects of these amazing beings are well beyond what I would call normal. I mean to say, there are supernatural aspects to these amazing beings the Ancient Ones and I believe that if we have an open heart and open mind that we can learn a great deal from them and I plan on doing just that. I am not an expert. I am not a scientist. I don’t carry any sort of degrees or certifications that qualify me to be anything beyond a fellow human being that wants to learn more and experience and love these amazing beings that have already taught me so much about opening my mind, heart and more fully understanding the virtue of patience.

Thank you for letting me share with you and I hope you will all have a wonderful experience sharing here in the group with me and now with us.

Cheers! ~Keegan Reid

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